Niko Green and SDGs

Niko Green and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, we aim at developing a genuine sustainable tourism mechanism that creates jobs, promotes local cultures and preserve the environment and natural resources upon which tourism and humanity depend.

Our carbon offsetting projects are aimed at achieving sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources

Our construction effort using waste materials is aimed at substantially reducing waste generation through reduction, recycling and reuse.

We are encouraging our corporate clientele to adopt sustainability in various aspects of their operations including travel, while offsetting unavoidable emissions. We then share credit with our partners for integration into their reporting cycles.

Our business model entails working with community groups, particularly women and youth thus creating jobs and promoting local cultures and products.

We aim at restoring biodiversity and substantially increasing afforestation and reforestation through our tree planting initiatives. We collaborate with relevant conservation agencies and community groups to ensure the success of this initiative.

Despite being a key contributor to climate change, the travel sector is regarded as one in which climate change awareness is among the lowest with little strategic planning efforts to address the issue. We are educating travellers - both at individual and institutional levels - on climate change and providing a mechanism for their participation in mitigation and impact reduction.

One of the ways by which we are empowering our communities is through our flagship Clean Energy project. We provide energy efficient clean cook stoves to needy households around key tourist destination areas, with the help of our clients and partners.

Our choice of clean energy as the flagship project was in a bid to help eradicate Household Air Pollution (HAP) which is a major cause of serious diseases and deaths world over, especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

We aim at creating additional and alternative productive employment and income generation for our community partners, especially women and youth who are recruited and trained to join our sustainability projects. This provides a source of livelihood to many families who'd otherwise be unemployed.