Our Approach

The world over has recognized the transformative power of tourism and as such various recommendations have been made to shift towards more responsible travel. We believe that Kenya (and Africa as a whole), being an active player in the global travel scene deserves to take a lead role in paving the responsible path. With about 1.5 million international arrivals annually and a continuously increasing domestic tourism market, only responsible travel can help sustain our resources to satisfy both present and future needs.

From our market analysis and available research findings, it is quite evident that tourism has exhibited continued growth and deepening diversification with more and more travellers becoming conscious and aware of their social and ecological footprints. Such travellers are seeking the means to create positive change by demanding more sustainable and ethical offers and making more responsible choices. The perceived inexistence of customized green or sustainable travel options, however, serves as an impediment towards the realization of this noble goal. We therefore wish to stand in the gap and transform travel habits by offering green travel options that holistically contribute to the socio-economic as well environmental needs of our people and planet.

With a target of over 3 million international arrivals per year and an active domestic tourism market, there's an urgent need to accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable future. We believe in the multiple effect of a responsible action and we aim at turning our travellers into national and global stewards - a united force protecting the future of our planet and people.