Our Belief

What we stand for and believe in

  • Responsible travel is not just our claim but our business model, the very core of our existence. We exist for 3 missions: happy traveller, better environment and empowered communities. This is gradually being achieved with the support of our clients and partners.

  • Whereas tourism is considered an important economic activity and a source of livelihood to many, we believe that the potential and power of tourism to transform the world goes beyond its economic values. Tourism holds an immense potential to set new paradigms of thinking, and to inspire a more sustainable behaviour.

  • We strongly believe that tourism can and should play a crucial role in ensuring the prospect of new generations, especially in the current state of the world's system and its environmental challenges, and we hope to use tourism as a transformative medium to promote sustainable practices and more conscious living.

  • We believe that responsible travel can provide the means to change lifestyles as well as increase the positive and caring impact made on our destinations. It is widely acknowledged that tourism, if well managed, is a main driver towards preserving today's treasures for tomorrow's generations, ensuring the protection and integrity of our common heritage.

  • We believe that travel, in its numerous forms, can and should become a window to knowledge and appreciation of biodiversity and the sustenance of life on the planet. This involves recognising the real importance of biodiversity as a key asset and vital part of environmental quality and appeal for tourists hence the need to work towards an ecosystem-based vision for tourism.