Our Values

Our Values

At Niko Green Travels, we uphold our values in every aspect of our operation. We always endeavour to conduct our business in an ethical manner and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions. We are determined to always surpass the expectations of our stakeholders by becoming a dependable partner and service provider.

We believe in doing the right things all the time and all our actions are aimed at building long-lasting relationships with our customers, partners and stakeholders across the board. By upholding our values we contribute positively to our community and environment.

To community and environment

Community empowerment: All our undertakings are aimed at giving back to host communities in all our areas of operation. We aim at utilizing the transformative power of tourism for the benefit of host communities.

Environment and natural resource conservation: Resource conservation is one of the key pillars of our existence and we aim at influencing our travellers and the public at large to embrace best practices in their travel activities.

Corporate social responsibility: Contrary to the common practice of undertaking CSR as a token, we have made Integrated Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility (CESR) our core business and the main reasons for our existence.

To our esteemed customers

Commitment to excellence: We will always strive to ensure delivery of excellent services beyond comparison. We are pro-active in identifying our customers' changing needs and addressing them in the most creative manner.

Value for money & customer satisfaction: This is the foundation of our strength and source of our pride. We will always commit all our efforts and resources towards ensuring that all our customers’ expectations are exceeded through continuous improvement in the quality of our services.

Timeliness: We will always endeavour to deliver outstanding services at a terrific pace to our esteemed customers.

To partners and well wishers

Transparency and accountability: We have continually received various forms of support from various partners including our clients who, in support of our projects, agree to pay a little extra on their travel programs towards our green exercises. We pledge to conduct our business in a transparent manner.

Credible and measurable impacts: We exist to make positive impacts on the society and we will at all times endeavour to make a difference.

To our Team

Staff empowerment: Our team of dedicated staff is the foundation of our excellence and strength. We continue to develop our staff to adapt to the changing market trends. We provide them with the right tools, training and support to achieve excellence in all aspects of our operation.