Who funds the projects

We rely on a unique combination of revenue channels, as well as the generous support of our clients and partner organizations.

As a leading travel company, our main source of revenue is the sales of our unique travel services. We have two sets of pricing models as follows:

The regular rate

This refers to the applicable market rate or the actual price of a given travel program. If a client pays the regular rate, we commit a fraction of our net profit from the sale towards our sustainability projects. Travelling with us means donating a cooking stove to a family, planting a tree or supporting construction and stocking of a library in a community school.

The green rate

This is intended to offer our responsible travellers an opportunity to pay a little extra, on top of the regular rate. The extra amount is determined by clients' willingness and ability to contribute to our projects as a way of offsetting the GHG emissions resulting from their travel activities. Simply put, this is for clients who wish to double their impact and is done on a voluntary basis.

Corporate partnerships

We are already in partnership with a number of companies and organizations, and still in the process of establishing more partnerships. We have positioned ourselves as the preferred green travel solution provider, offering integrated travel programs that align our partners' travel activities with their CSR programs. Carbon Offset purchases by our corporate partners represent a significant funding source that supports carbon reduction projects.

The Government of Kenya

We are working hand-in-hand with relevant government authorities and departments towards positioning Kenya as a green destination. Our initial point of focus involves handling carbon accounting and offsetting resulting emissions from travel activities, especially air travels of senior state officers.

Hotels and Conferences facilities

Our partnerships with the leading hotels and conference facilities enable us to offer delegates an opportunity to partake green conferencing. We offer hotel residents and conference delegates opportunities to offset a percentage (or whole) of their actual carbon footprints.