Who we are

Are you a travel enthusiast or an organization with active travels, concerned about your environmental carbon footprint? Rest assured, you can travel the world with the peace of mind knowing you are lowering your climate impact with our green travel bundles.

Niko Green Travels is founded on the principle that tourism can, and should, significantly reduce its ecological footprint and become an engine of innovation for green, inclusive, and low carbon economy, and safeguard human and ecosystem wellbeing.

As a green travel solutions provider, we aim at informing and educating travellers and the general public on the importance of responsible travel. And given the inexistence of green travel options in the market, we have an additional responsibility of designing and offering integrated sustainable travel programs that align leisure and business travel with empowering communities and conserving our environment.

Our customers are empowered to make responsible choices by evaluating the environmental, socio-cultural and economic implications of their decisions and we are grateful to our eco-conscious customers who are committed to making our planet and communities better through their travel activities.


To be Africa's leading responsible travel organization, promoting awareness on sustainable tourism and offering sustainable travel solutions for the good of humanity and the planet.


To convert travel experiences into a resource for community empowerment and environmental conservation.