We are your responsible travel partner

Responsible travel is not just our claim but our business model, the very core of our existence. We exist for 3 missions: happy traveller, better environment and empowered communities. All these three aspects are key and we work extra hard to ensure that none is fulfilled at the expense of the other.

Positively impacting lives

Everyone wants to make a difference, no matter how little. And we know you are a responsible global citizen looking for any slight opportunity to impact the planet and its people. We offer you an opportunity to do just that through your travel activities. Without paying anything extra, you are assured that part of the money you pay, for your travel expenses, goes either to tree planting or in providing essential community services.... you also have a chance to pay a little extra (green rate) to double your impact. Travelling with us is simply a way of saying 'I care'

Professional experienced guides

We boast of some of the best safari guides who possess a wealth of knowledge on wildlife, birdlife and the cultural aspects that make up East Africa and are always eager to share this with our guests.

High quality safari equipment

Our safari equipment are of the highest quality and are custom designed to ensure safety and comfort of our clients.

Bespoke safari itineraries

We understand that each individual client is unique and special in his/her own way. We do not operate on a 'one-size- fits-all' basis and this means that even if you opt for our schedule or group safaris, we'll try our best to ensure that your specific needs are well taken care of.

First-hand experience of our destinations

We've been where you are going and we pride ourselves of some of the most knowledgeable travel consultants, all of whom are extensively travelled across East Africa and our overseas destinations. They possess first-hand knowledge of all attractions, activities, accommodation facilities and will gladly share their knowledge with you and talk you through the best places to stay, things to do, people to meet, and ways to get around.

Value of money

We offer the best value for money by ensuring we provide the highest possible quality service at the most competitive rates. Our dedicated team of travel consultants is always pleased to listen and understand exactly what you want from your trip, and go whatever lengths are necessary to make it happen.

Guaranteed peace of mind

We promise you peace of mind with an assurance that you are in capable hands. Over the years, we’ve worked hard building a network of personnel across our destinations and we continue to explore, innovate and establish contacts enabling us to offer the extra small details that go a long way in making our trips exceptional.

World class service

We have experience in leading trips for clients from all over the world and we understand the specific needs of different nationalities.

Great savings on selected services and activities

You are a responsible traveller by choosing to travel with us and we believe you deserve a 'pat on the back' for that. We educate you on all aspects of responsible travel including responsible consumption and resource use at your accommodation facilities. We are gradually entering into agreements with some of our accommodation partners so you can enjoy great discounts on services as a way of saying 'thank you for being responsible'.