Thank you for visiting the travel section of our website. This section is a useful resource for anyone planning to travel to any part of East Africa, and overseas. You are at the right place, so explore and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

We are a Kenyan based travel solutions provider offering tailor-made safari programs across East Africa - Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Through our established business partnerships, we also facilitate travel to other destinations outside East Africa. We offer competitive packages for people with passion for wildlife, birdlife, culture, landscapes and sceneries, adventure and exploration as well as for study and research groups and students on academic trips.

All our undertakings are aimed at producing the best results for our customers, without compromising our mission and core values, and we pay meticulous attention to the principles of responsible travel.

As specialists in tours and travel arrangements, we are totally focused and committed to offering our clients access to high quality travel services. In order to accomplish this commitment, we have partnered with some of the leading and like-minded travel industry players across the globe and built long standing good relations with them, so that even when making a trip with us to the remotest and furthest parts of the world, your comfort and peace of mind are guaranteed.

Our professional workforce understands that quality service makes good business sense! We therefore strive to provide flexible travel solutions that offer choices which suit both corporate as well as individual budgets.

All our safari programs are custom-designed to suit your individual needs and expectations. This website contains only an overview of what we do but there's more than you can imagine. Upon receipt of your enquiry, our travel experts will initiate a conversation with you and will design your trip just for you. We'll create a specific identity around your program that differentiates it from any other, even if the itinerary may look similar!